BIOPHARMA Limited, is well equipped with latest Technology machines. Quality Check is In-Built system at all the stages, from Raw Material Testing, manufacturing, testing, product efficacy packaging, and distribution.

The company adheres to the 9001: 2008 ISO standard in all of its operations right from production to marketing and sales. The company has developed a robust quality manual, quality policy, and quality objective as its level one quality documentation. In level two and level three documentation respectively; the company has developed and adhered to quality procedures and work instructions respectively.

The technical know-how for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals is well known worldwide. The company implements well-established production processes with well-trained personnel to ensure good quality and reasonable economies in production.

It is also important to note that the technical process for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals is built into the machinery and equipment and therefore the quality of the end product is largely ensured by strict compliance to the formulation for each of the products.

The company procures the machinery from well-known manufacturers. The Company conducts personal inspection of the machinery and equipment prior to their shipment to ensure that high standards are maintained. The identification of machinery is done based on the high quality demanded for pharmaceutical products.

The production process commences from receipt of the best quality raw materials from various sources at economical prices. Various raw materials are mixed in specific proportions as per the approved formulation. The mix is made into paste to punch tablets. In the process of manufacturing capsules the mix is automatically filled into blank capsules. Syrup making involves mixing the various components in required quantities of treated water. After tablets have been formed, they are film-coated or sugar-coated as per the customers’ requirement. The tablets and capsules are then blister packed while the syrups/mixtures are filled into bottles of specific capacity. The final packing will be into cartons for dispatch.

The initial production aims at trade names in generic versions. We are able to label the products with branded names after the brand establishment and registration. However, even as this is an important step towards consolidating the position of the proposed products in the market, it should be noted that trade names are more important for those drugs traded commercially (OTC drugs) rather than through a doctor’s prescription. In that segment of prescription-oriented market, the identification of the drug is mainly through the generic name rather than trade name.

Contract Manufacturing

For the products, which cannot be manufactured locally, the Company engages reputable overseas companies to manufacture for them. This ensures maintenance of good quality products and saves the Company a lot of revenue where economies of scale cannot be achieved locally.

Raw Materials and Availability

The raw materials for the formulation unit, which are called “bulk drugs”, are available for import from India, China and Europe.These raw materials are imported in bulk form for further mixing in the process of manufacturing various pharmaceutical products.

While some raw materials are available locally, the major components of raw materials are imported from India, China and Europe.